RD Colour Flo Airbrush Colour - Spring

The Rainbow Dust Colour Flo Airbrush Colour is available is many beautiful colours and is a liquid food colouring that can be used with an airbrush.


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Use the beautiful colours from Rainbow Dust Colour Flo Airbrush Colour together with your airbrush to add colour to your creations. You can use this liquid food colouring straight from the bottle and simply flush through with water when finished. This highly concentrated colouring is also great for colouring royal icing, buttercream, cake batter, pasty and more. The built in drop applicator allows for precision control, making it easy to achieve a wide range of shades. Proportion: for each 1 kg of cake, you should use no more than 4 ml of Colour Flo. Ingredients: humectant: glycerin, propylene glycol, water, colours: E133, E102. E102 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children. This product is GM free, suitable for vegetarians & vegans, certified Kosher, suitable for Halal diets. Content: 16 ml.

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